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The commercial kitchen UK is one that is mainly focused on the production of food in large quantities. That will be served at times that the company requires. Its main characteristic is the speed and coordination in the culinary elaborations.

Commercial Kitchens UK

This kitchen is generally oriented to provide food services to companies, schools, universities, financial institutions, hospitals, armed forces, etc.

Elements of Commercial Kitchens UK

The layout of these kitchens considers wide spaces of work, due to the number and size that are required for the location of equipment and necessary implementation to achieve an optimal result in the elaboration and provision of services. Depending on the level of production is also the amount of personnel and space that must be had to perform a good performance in the work that must be done for the total functioning of the industrial or institutional kitchen.

In addition, it should be kept in mind and in a very important way the storage of all types of food that are used, refrigeration chambers for meat and fish, refrigeration for fruits and vegetables, storage for non-perishable food. Another important element to consider is an excellent electrical installation with auxiliary equipment of energy support since it would be very dangerous if for external reasons to the kitchen these were without power. Drinking water in case of cutting should be secured with auxiliary pumps since it is essential for the preparation of food for personal hygiene.

Differences Between Commercial Kitchens UK and Conventional One

Everyone has a kitchen at home and is equipped with a series of appliances and machines but these machines are different from those used in professional kitchens.

  • Domestic kitchens: That in which you are thinking exactly, the one of your house, those of all the life. Normally equipped between 2 and 5 stoves can be classified in vitroceramic and induction cookers. As its use is not professional, the sizes and designs are adapted to integrate with the decoration and size of the home kitchen.
  • Commercial or Professional Kitchens: This type of kitchen is designed especially so that your daily use is not a problem. Its characteristics are based on optimising this. They are equipped between 6 or 8 stoves. This varies according to the need of each business. They can include a kitchen plate, grill, and etc. The variations are endless.

Characteristics of the Commercial Kitchens UK

The main characteristic of the commercial kitchen is the speed and coordination in the preparation of food. The best coordination method currently used in these companies is the minutes.

From the commercial point of view, they are considered one of the safest and most profitable activities in the gastronomic category. Because we will always know how many guests we will have the next day. Unlike restaurants which will be governed by customers who occasionally arrive.

To achieve optimal development in the activities of this kitchen we must keep in mind the following:

  • The kitchen must ensure the quality and freshness of food which has a quality control. This must be very demanding and careful because it is a mass service to people. A successful management will depend on the professionalism and training of its workers.
  • Must have an adequate infrastructure, for example, cold chambers to store all kinds of food and to control the contamination of these through an adequate cold chain which should not be broken at any time.
  • Take care of cross-contamination at all times.
  • It must have excellent lighting and also excellent means of extracting vapors from the kitchen which will prevent these generally pass into the dining rooms.
  • There must be a good coordination of both purchases, receipt of goods, storage, processing and dispatch of food.
  • The kitchen staff must be trained to comply with the hygiene standards stipulated in the sanitary food code.

The proper distribution of the equipment and the location of these according to the different areas within kitchens from Absolute Commercial Kitchens are fundamental for the success of the business. That the staff has circulation spaces with flows and organised processes is necessary to make the most of the equipment and the different processes that are carried out with them.